This workshop provided actual practical advice from legal professionals that was very relevant for HR practitioners

Auckland | 20 February 2017

Join us this February in New Zealand, to allow our trainers from employment law firm SBM Legal to take you through best practices from when an investigation is required through to how to finalise an investigation. 
Our experienced and engaging trainers will cover topics on the following; but this time will also include several dedicated Q&A periods and scenario based group work:
  • Once an investigation is required, what do we need to prepare for now? How do we make sure our investigation will meet the principles of procedural fairness? 
  • For the interviews, do you have any tips on ensuring we conduct effective interviews? Can we go through some of the expected and unexpected scenarios that can happen during the interviews?
  • To finalise an investigation, what should our investigation report include and what should be communicated to different parties? Are there any final tips on determining the outcomes, and what if adverse action and/or unfair dismissal claims arise?  
NEW for the workshop in 2017 is also a 45minute closing Q&A session where our panel of speakers will go through your concerns surrounding: 
  • What are some things that go wrong during a workplace investigation; is there anything that is usually overlooked or missed we need to remember? What common questions do you get from firms going through an investigation, and what is your response?
* Delegates will be asked to pre-submit Q&A questions prior to the event, upon registration, for this session to ensure your challenges will be discussed.


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Attend this workshop to better answer these investigations challenges you may be facing:

  • What kind of investigation do I need to take?
  • Who should undertake the investigation?
  • What should the investigation look like?
  • How do you properly conclude an investigation?
  • Have I provided the employee with all the relevant information?
  • Does this need to lead to a disciplinary process?


Of the delegates that have signed up to this workshop in the past few years, common job functions in attendance included Managers, Directors and Advisors within:

  • Human Resources
  • People
  • Employee Relations
  • Business Partner

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